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Need elearning modules or training video production for recruitment? We storyboard, design characters and motion graphics, commission professional voiceover, licence music, post-produce, edit, and format digital files for HDTV and web to help tell your story, or train your team. Here's a case study for Change Recruitment Group, a specialist recruitment consultancy based in Scotland with a global reach. The company has been in the business for over 50 years and is part of the Taranata Group. It has a strong reputation for service delivery and works across the UK, EMEA, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.


Change Recruitment Group


Video Production

Engaged by Change Recruitment, Hurtle undertook the development of an in-house e-learning module to enhance their training initiatives. The project commenced with the meticulous creation of a comprehensive storyboard, providing a visual roadmap for the video production process. This detailed planning facilitated a clear understanding of the visual elements and ensured a cohesive sequence for the video content.

Our team managed the end-to-end video creation process, encompassing concept development, motion graphics design, editing, and the delivery of final digital video files optimised for both HDTV and web platforms. By leveraging our expertise in video production, we enabled Change Recruitment Group to elevate the quality and impact of their visual content significantly.


Project Services

Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, 2D Animation, Video Production, Video Editing, Voice Over

Through our tailored services, we not only enhanced the overall effectiveness of their e-learning module but also ensured that the information presented was easily digestible and engaging for viewers. By delivering a polished and informative video resource, we supported Change Recruitment Group in providing valuable training materials that resonated with their audience and facilitated effective learning experiences within their organization.


Elearning Modules & Training Video Production for Recruitment