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Explaner videos, illustration and conference motion graphics for one of the UK's leading funeral plan providers. They work with over 2,900 funeral directors across the UK, and almost 900,000 people have chosen to plan ahead with Golden Charter.
Golden Charter


Golden Charter


Digital Marketing, Video Production

Golden Carter engaged Hurtle to revitalise their branding strategy, focusing on the creation of an engaging explainer video to showcase their diverse range of services. Central to this project was the introduction of a new character designed to resonate with their target demographics, brought to life through captivating 2D animation techniques. Beginning with the development of a detailed storyboard, we meticulously crafted motion graphics that enhanced the visual narrative, ensuring a seamless and compelling storytelling experience.


Project Services

Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, 2D Animation, Video Production, Video Editing, Voice Over

In our pursuit to enhance the video, we collaborated with a seasoned voice-over artist to deliver a polished and captivating audio component. Furthermore, we curated a catchy background soundtrack that harmonised with the visuals, enriching the overall viewing experience. Post-production enhancements were meticulously applied to uphold the video's quality and impact, ensuring it resonated effectively across various media platforms and devices.

Beyond the explainer video, our creative endeavours extended to crafting a diverse array of B2B illustrations and animations tailored for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) audiences. This comprehensive approach not only strengthened Golden Charter's brand identity but also adeptly conveyed their services to distinct target demographics. By showcasing a dedication to innovation and engaging visual narratives across multiple marketing channels, we successfully communicated Golden Charter's value proposition and commitment to excellence in a compelling and impactful manner.


Explainer Videos & Conference Graphics | Golden Charter