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Explainer video production for Ingenico, a renowned global leader in payments acceptance solutions. They serve as the trusted technology partner for a wide range of clients including merchants, banks, acquirers, ISVs, payment aggregators, and fintech companies. Their cutting-edge terminals, solutions, and services play a pivotal role in facilitating payments acceptance worldwide. With a remarkable track record of deploying over 40 million terminals globally, collaborating with 300,000 merchants, and employing a workforce of over 4,000 professionals, Ingenico continues to drive innovation and excellence in the payments industry.
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Video Production

Our collaboration with Ingenico involved the creation of an engaging explainer video that delved into the intricate journey of their flagship product, the payment terminal. This video meticulously outlined the sales, production, and support processes within the company, serving as a valuable training tool for new employees within the HR department.

Project Tasks

Illustration, Storyboarding, 2D Animation, Video Production, Printing Services, Video Editing, Voice Over

The project commenced with the development of a detailed storyboard encompassing key scenes, copywriting, graphics, actions, and audio elements to ensure accuracy and alignment with the company's messaging. From conceptualisation to character design and production planning, we oversaw every aspect of the video's creation process. To enhance the narrative, we enlisted a professional voiceover artist and licensed a background audio track to infuse a whimsical ambiance into the video.

The video seamlessly integrated motion graphics and 2D animation techniques to bring the storyline to life, culminating in a post-production phase that refined the visual and auditory components. The final product was delivered in stunning 4K resolution, ensuring optimal viewing quality for Ingenico's audience and reinforcing their brand message with a visually captivating and informative video presentation.

Financial Sector Explainer Video Production | Ingenico Group