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Capital Credit Union launched extensive national advertising campaigns to promote their ethical financial services through various channels including high street billboards, digital retail screens, and TV broadcasts. As a community-owned bank prioritising people over profit, they stand out as one of the UK's largest credit unions, boasting a membership of over 28,000 individuals and assets exceeding £42 million. Their commitment to ethical practices and community-focused banking is at the core of their messaging across diverse advertising platforms.


Capital Credit Union


Digital Marketing, Video Production

Entrusted with the task of crafting a compelling winter campaign, our team embarked on a comprehensive project to promote ethical loans through various channels. Beginning with conceptualisation, artwork creation, and audio development, we meticulously orchestrated the production of a TV advertisement that encapsulated the essence of ethical lending. The ad was strategically broadcasted on STV in the festive period leading up to Christmas, maximising its reach and impact.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, Illustration, Storyboarding, 2D Animation, Video Production, Printing Services, Social Media Design, Video Editing, Broadcast Compliant Video, Voice Over

In addition to the TV commercial, we extended our creative efforts to produce digital retail screens for shopping malls and design eye-catching roadside billboards, ensuring a cohesive and engaging campaign across multiple touchpoints.

Subsequently, we were also tasked with developing the 30th-anniversary summer campaign for the community-owned bank. This initiative involved the creation of printed posters, financial education leaflets, as well as web and social media graphics aimed at fostering awareness and instilling trust in the bank's ethos and services. Through our integrated marketing approach, we successfully amplified brand visibility, communicated key messages effectively, and strengthened the bank's connection with its community.