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A comprehensive re-imagination of Auchterlonies' brand presence, marketing outreach, and e-commerce capabilities in celebration of its venerable 125-year heritage in the golf sports retail sector. It is a well-known golf shop that has been around since 1895, and is an authorised stockist of the top golf brands, including Callaway, Footjoy and Titleist.


Auchterlonies of St Andrews


Branding, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce

Hurtle were selected by Auchterlonies in 2020 to launch a new online shop, and provide monthly marketing campaigns that preserved their heritage while infusing modern appeal. We crafted a brand aesthetic that paid homage to Auchterlonies of St Andrews' history in golf retail, yet still resonated with today's discerning consumer. The visual elements blended tradition with a clean, contemporary look, ensuring the brand remained relevant and appealing.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Web & Mobile Design, Illustration, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Design, Ecommerce Development, Newsletter Design, Landing Page Design, Website Updates & Maintenance, Email Marketing

Marketing campaigns leveraged various channels for maximum reach and impact. Email marketing, social media campaigns, and targeted ads all played a part in spreading the word about the anniversary and the new online shop. Strategic use of these platforms ensured cohesive messaging that drove engagement and sales. Recognising the importance of a seamless shopping experience, we developed an intuitive online storefront for Auchterlonies of St Andrews. The design aimed to be user-friendly, with optimised navigation and a straightforward checkout process that catered to both seasoned online shoppers and those new to e-commerce. In honour of the 125th anniversary, unique promotions and limited-time offers were rolled out to generate excitement and encourage customers to visit the online shop. These promotions were also strategically advertised across social media and email marketing channels to reach a broad audience and introduce their online shop to the global marketplace. Their customers are spread all around the world, from Australia to Argentina, to the USA to China, and almost every country in between. Their online investment supported those who love Auchterlonies and St Andrews, but who couldn’t easily visit to shop.


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