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Photographer website design and development, CMS and SEO. Portfolio website for Emma Sanderson, a full-time professional photography business based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Emma is an associate of the MPA and BIPP, has won the Scottish Wedding Awards and has featured in Tie the Knot.


Emma Sanderson Photography


Digital Marketing, Ecommerce

Tasked with creating a photographer website for Emma Sanderson, Hurtle embarked on a project to highlight her portfolio effectively. By incorporating responsive image galleries, strategic call-to-action elements, and a user-friendly lead form, we crafted an engaging website that not only showcased Emma's work beautifully but also encouraged visitor interaction and inquiries. The design prioritised intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for potential clients.

In addition to the visual aspects, we meticulously structured the website content and optimised key phrases related to wedding venues and photography to secure top rankings in search engine results. This strategic approach enhanced Emma's online visibility and attracted relevant traffic to her website.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Web & Mobile Design, Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Updates & Maintenance

Moreover, the integration of a robust content management system (CMS) provided Emma with the flexibility to efficiently update and expand her website independently. Additionally, the inclusion of a dedicated client area facilitated smooth navigation for browsing and purchasing products, enhancing user experience and simplifying transactions. Our comprehensive website development strategy not only effectively highlighted Emma's photography prowess but also laid a solid groundwork for scaling her business and fostering deeper customer engagement. Through a focus on user-friendly features and seamless functionality, we created a platform that not only showcased Emma's skills but also drove continuous growth and strengthened connections with her client base, positioning her for long-term success in the competitive photography industry.


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