Retail Branding + Marketing + Ecommerce Online Shop Design for Foodie Startup | Stewpendous Cooking

Comprehensive branding and e-commerce design for Stewpendous Cooking. An Edinburgh-based foodie startup who focuses on crafting delicious soup mixes using premium, locally sourced ingredients for a satisfying meal experience. Our services encompass retail branding, digital marketing strategies, and the design of an engaging e-commerce online shop tailored to showcase their gourmet products and attract food enthusiasts looking for quality and convenience in their culinary adventures.


Stewpendous Cooking


Branding, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce

Entrusted by the culinary innovator behind the emerging foodie venture Stewpendous Cooking, Hurtle embarked on a collaborative journey to shape and amplify their brand identity. Our partnership involved crafting a cohesive brand voice that encompassed the creation of a distinctive logo, captivating iconography, compelling marketing materials, and visually appealing packaging designs for their flagship products.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Illustration, Printing Services, Ecommerce Development, Content Management System (CMS), Website Updates & Maintenance

To enhance Stewpendous Cooking's presence at market stalls, we conceptualised and designed eye-catching point-of-sale items and vibrant outdoor banners. These elements, characterised by bright colors and bold typography, effectively distinguished the brand and attracted customers with their visual appeal.

In addition to physical branding assets, we focused on designing an engaging and user-friendly website that reflected the essence of Stewpendous Cooking. Leveraging our expertise as an official Shopify Partner, we helped seamlessly integrate the brand into the ecommerce system, streamlining the ordering process for customers. This ecommerce solution not only simplifies product purchases but also provides essential customer management tools and valuable insights to support the company's growth trajectory. Through our collaborative efforts, Stewpendous Cooking is well-positioned to captivate audiences, drive sales, and cultivate a loyal customer base in the competitive culinary landscape.


Retail Branding & Ecommerce for Foodie Startup | Stewpendous