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Comprehensive branding and digital marketing for award-winning photographer Paul Walker. As a highly acclaimed wedding photographer with prestigious fellowships from the Royal Photographic Society, British Institute of Professional Photography, and the Master Photographers Association, Paul offers his creative and natural photography services across Scotland and beyond. Our services for Paul encompass branding, digital marketing, website design, and SEO optimisation. His portfolio website is strategically structured to showcase his exceptional work in SEO-optimised categories, enhancing his online visibility and attracting potential clients worldwide.


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Branding, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce

Establishing a longstanding partnership with Paul since 2013, we embarked on a rebranding journey in 2018 to encapsulate his affinity for nature and embody his laid-back and whimsical approach. This rebranding initiative laid the foundation for the development of Paul's portfolio website, meticulously curated to showcase his photography work across various categories optimised for enhanced web visibility.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Illustration, Printing Services, Ecommerce Development, Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Updates & Maintenance

Our collaboration extended to implementing comprehensive SEO strategies tailored to target key phrases related to wedding photography types, locations, and venues. Through our focused efforts, Paul's website now boasts prominent rankings across major search engines, including Google, driving increased visibility and attracting a wider audience to his portfolio.

Furthermore, we integrated a client portal into the website, streamlining the image selection and purchase process for clients while providing Paul with valuable insights into sales trends and customer preferences. This client portal not only enhances the overall user experience but also empowers Paul to efficiently manage transactions and track performance metrics, contributing to the success and growth of his photography business.


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