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Nugensis, a prominent UK-based health company specialising in patient flow health solutions for the healthcare and social care sectors, focuses on enhancing efficiencies for both patients and staff. Our digital marketing services for Nugensis encompassed a range of strategies including newsletter designs for email marketing, engaging social media campaigns, detailed case study documents, and informative white papers. These tailored solutions aimed to amplify Nugensis' reach, drive engagement, and showcase their innovative contributions to the healthcare industry.




Digital Marketing

In response to Nugensis' marketing team's need for comprehensive digital marketing strategies tailored to the healthcare sector, we collaborated on a range of collateral to effectively showcase their services and technologies within the industry. Our partnership involved the creation of engaging newsletter designs optimised for email marketing campaigns, dynamic social media initiatives, compelling case study documents, and informative whitepapers.

These marketing materials were instrumental in highlighting Nugensis' patient-centered applications, which are specifically engineered to enhance clinical administration management and offer valuable operational insights to healthcare providers. By leveraging these collateral pieces, Nugensis was able to effectively communicate the unique benefits and functionalities of their solutions, positioning themselves as innovators in the healthcare technology space.

Furthermore, the emphasis on real-time visual reporting capabilities within their offerings was effectively conveyed through these marketing assets, illustrating Nugensis' commitment to providing data-driven solutions that empower healthcare professionals with actionable insights for improved decision-making and operational efficiency. Through our collaborative efforts, Nugensis successfully amplified their presence in the healthcare sector and reinforced their reputation as a provider of cutting-edge solutions designed to drive positive outcomes in patient care and administrative processes.

Project Services

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