Branding + Website Design Development | Eden Property Asset Management

Comprehensive branding and website development for Eden Asset Management. Eden, a fresh entrant in the asset management sector focusing on commercial properties, prioritises people and environmental considerations in all aspects of their operations. Our services for Eden encompassed not only branding but also the design and development of a website that reflects their commitment to sustainable practices and community-centric values. Through a thoughtful blend of design elements and user-friendly functionality, the website serves as a digital showcase of Eden's ethos and dedication to responsible asset management practices.


Eden Property Asset Management


Branding, Digital Marketing

Entrusted with the task of crafting a distinctive brand identity, Hurtle embarked on a multifaceted project to design and develop a website for Eden that not only reflected their dedication to environmental sustainability but also effectively highlighted their diverse mandates. The primary objective was to create an online platform that resonated with Eden's eco-conscious ethos while providing a seamless user experience.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Updates & Maintenance

The website for Eden was meticulously structured with a focus on simplicity and clarity, embodying a clean and concise design aesthetic that mirrored the organization's commitment to eco-friendly practices. In addition to the visual elements, a robust content management system (CMS) was custom-built to empower the team at Eden to effortlessly update property details, integrate mapping functionalities, include relevant links, and modify other content from any location and device.

By incorporating intuitive features and responsive design principles, Hurtle ensured that Eden's website not only communicated their environmental initiatives effectively but also offered a user-friendly interface for visitors to engage with the organization's mission and explore its various offerings in a seamless manner.


Branding & Website Design & Development | Eden