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Comprehensive rebranding and digital marketing for Orchard Brae House. Orchard Brae House, a historically significant office building in Edinburgh, underwent a rebranding and digital marketing transformation following recent refurbishments. The owners recognised the need for vibrant new branding and a dynamic website to showcase the updated space and attract prospective tenants. By infusing colourful elements into the rebranding efforts and developing an engaging website, Orchard Brae House aimed to highlight its rich history, modern amenities, and prime location to appeal to businesses seeking a prestigious and contemporary office environment in Edinburgh.




Branding, Digital Marketing

After undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment, Hurtle undertook the rebranding of the office building, now known as OBH, and embarked on the creation of a website aimed at showcasing it as the premier destination for prospective tenants seeking an ideal workspace. OBH stands out with a wealth of sought-after amenities nestled within the city, providing Grade A office facilities spanning six floors, complemented by a dedicated amenity level meticulously designed to elevate the overall work environment.

Project Services

Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Content Management System (CMS), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The website tailored for OBH integrates a sophisticated content management system (CMS) that empowers agents to efficiently update vital information such as availability and other pertinent details. This dynamic functionality ensures the platform remains up-to-date and relevant, fostering seamless communication with potential tenants and facilitating well-informed decision-making processes. Through the strategic utilization of cutting-edge technology and intuitive interfaces, Hurtle has effectively positioned OBH as a highly coveted commercial property offering unparalleled office accommodations in a vibrant and thriving business district. The harmonious blend of modern amenities, strategic location, and user-centric digital presence solidifies OBH's reputation as a top choice for businesses seeking a prestigious and conducive workspace in Edinburgh's bustling commercial landscape.


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