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Skypark, a premier business destination in Finnieston, Glasgow, underwent a rebranding initiative that included property signage and way-finding design services. With a diverse occupier mix encompassing engineers, product designers, satellite manufacturers, and telecoms companies, the graphic design solutions aimed to enhance Skypark's identity and provide effective navigation for its varied tenants and visitors.





When Skypark's interior designers sought to revamp their tenant directory boards, entrance signage, and lift lobby graphics to align with their rebranding efforts, they turned to Hurtle for innovative design solutions. Tasked with enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of these essential elements, our team embarked on a creative journey to create bold and impactful designs that not only reflected the new brand identity but also improved wayfinding for tenants and visitors within this iconic city landmark.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Printing Services

The redesigned tenant directory boards were crafted with a focus on clarity and aesthetics, ensuring that individuals could easily locate specific businesses and services within the complex. Entrance signage was strategically positioned and designed to make a strong first impression, welcoming visitors while reinforcing the new brand image. Additionally, the lift lobby graphics were conceptualised to add a touch of sophistication and modernity to the space, enhancing the overall ambiance and guiding individuals seamlessly through the building.

By infusing bold designs and intuitive layouts into these key elements, Hurtle successfully helped transform Skypark's interior signage system into a cohesive and visually striking component of the overall rebranding initiative. The updated directory boards, entrance signage, and lift lobby graphics not only contribute to a more engaging and navigable environment but also reinforce Skypark's status as a premier destination for tenants and visitors alike.


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