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Branding and digital marketing for commercial property managers, CBRE Investment Management. The leading real assets investment management firm provides sustainable investment solutions for commercial property. Our branding and marketing strategies were designed to help them achieve their business goals of leasing prominent commercial properties in Edinburgh.


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Branding, Digital Marketing

In a collaborative effort with commercial property consultants CuthbertWhite, we spearheaded the rebranding of Charlotte House, an iconic and historically significant building situated at the intersection of Princes Street and South Charlotte Street. Our comprehensive approach encompassed the creation of a new logo, brand guidelines, and a visually compelling brochure. Additionally, we conceptualised and executed signage, wall decals, and space plans to enhance the building's aesthetic appeal and communicate its unique identity effectively.

To generate buzz and interest in Charlotte House, we devised a dynamic 'Get Your Spot' campaign that involved strategic email teasers targeting agents across the city. A dedicated website was developed, hosted, and meticulously maintained to serve as a digital showcase for the property, highlighting its prime location, amenities, features, and offering an immersive 360-degree virtual tour experience. The successful implementation of these marketing initiatives culminated in the swift leasing of the fully refurbished space within a matter of weeks, underscoring the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts in revitalising Charlotte House and positioning it as a sought-after commercial property in the market.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Web & Mobile Design, Illustration, Printing Services, Content Management System (CMS), Landing Page Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Updates & Maintenance, Email Marketing

We have also worked in partnership to rebrand Prospect House in the heart of Edinburgh’s central business district. Closely following extensive refurbishment of the open plan office accommodation, we producing everything from a new logo, a printed brochure, branded mapping, signage, and advertising.


Branding & Digital Marketing for Commercial Property | CBRE