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JLL, a renowned property consultancy company, excels in property services and investment management. Their expertise lies in assisting clients with acquisitions, developments, occupancy, and investments across diverse real estate sectors such as industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotel properties. Our design and print services for JLL's property marketing brochures aimed to showcase their extensive capabilities and highlight their commitment to delivering exceptional real estate solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients.




Branding, Digital Marketing

JLL, a prominent real estate agency, enlisted Hurtle's expertise to create a series of visually captivating property brochures and e-brochures tailored for esteemed clients like the Scotch Whisky Association and C D Diamond & Co. These marketing materials served as essential assets in showcasing the unique features and selling points of the properties, enhancing the agents' ability to attract and engage prospective buyers effectively.

Our collaboration with JLL involved meticulous design and printing processes to ensure that each brochure reflected the distinctive identity and appeal of the properties being marketed. Incorporating branded maps and detailed floor plans within the brochures not only added a professional touch but also provided valuable visual aids that assisted agents in presenting the properties in a clear and comprehensive manner to potential buyers.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Printing Services

By integrating these essential elements into the brochures, Hurtle contributed to enhancing the overall marketing strategy of JLL, enabling their agents to convey key information concisely and persuasively. The combination of compelling visuals, detailed property descriptions, and strategic branding elements within the brochures helped JLL's agents effectively communicate the value proposition of each property, ultimately facilitating successful sales transactions and fostering positive relationships with clients.


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