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Restaurant branding and traditional and digital marketing, such as identity, signage and design services for Figo's, an ama-zing new Peri Peri chicken place in Glasgow, and the very first of a new Scots owned chain. Plans include rolling out another five Figo's restaurants and takeaways across Scotland over the next five years.
Figo's Peri Peri
Figo's Peri Peri


Figo's Peri Peri


Branding, Digital Marketing

When the new restaurant chain Figo's sought to establish a strong brand presence for their flagship premises and business, they turned to Hurtle for comprehensive branding solutions. Our collaboration encompassed the development of a cohesive brand identity that spanned various touchpoints, including the creation of a distinctive logo, captivating interior and exterior signage, visually appealing menu designs, high-quality print materials, engaging screen graphics, and eye-catching flyers.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Brand Style Guides, Logo Design, Illustration, Printing Services

Every aspect of the branding strategy for Figo's was meticulously curated to authentically convey the essence and values of the brand consistently across all touchpoints. The logo acted as a visual cornerstone, anchoring the brand identity, while the interior and exterior signage amplified visibility and solidified brand recall. Menu designs were thoughtfully crafted to mirror Figo's culinary style and offerings, while print materials, screen graphics, and flyers were designed to captivate attention and foster customer engagement.

By ensuring that each branding element harmonized with Figo's unique identity and narrative, Hurtle effectively positioned the restaurant chain to shine in a competitive market landscape. This cohesive branding approach not only elevated brand visibility but also played a pivotal role in creating a memorable and immersive dining experience for patrons, establishing Figo as a standout and enticing culinary destination that resonates with customers seeking a distinctive and enjoyable dining experience.


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