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Hutchinson Networks, an information technology company headquartered in Edinburgh, specialises in network management, cloud-based solutions, security, and data centre services. To enhance their market presence and refresh their branding, a comprehensive suite of branding and marketing graphic design services was tailored specifically for Hutchinson Networks. This included the creation of a range of consistent marketing collateral and print designs aimed at elevating their visual identity and helping them differentiate themselves in a competitive market landscape. By infusing creativity and strategic design elements into their materials, Hutchinson Networks was able to effectively communicate their expertise and offerings to their target audience, ultimately strengthening their position as a leading IT solutions provider.


Hutchinson Networks was acquired by PlanNet21 Communications in 2019


Branding, Digital Marketing

Hutchinson Networks recognised the importance of a strong visual identity in their B2B marketing strategy, leading them to collaborate with Hurtle's expertise in graphic design. This partnership aimed to breathe new life into their branding and elevate their marketing collateral to new heights.

Project Services

Graphic Design, Illustration, Printing Services, Newsletter Design

The project encompassed a holistic approach, focusing on various elements crucial for Hutchinson Networks' marketing efforts. From visually appealing data sheets to dynamic web banners, eye-catching exhibition stand graphics, professional stationery, folders, and engaging brochures, every aspect was meticulously designed to align with the company's goals and values.

Moreover, custom Word and PowerPoint templates were developed to streamline the creation of branded documents, enabling Hutchinson Networks' marketing team to maintain consistency efficiently and cost-effectively. This not only enhanced their brand's visual identity but also ensured a cohesive and professional look across all communications.

The outcome of this collaboration was not just a modernised branding for Hutchinson Networks but also a set of powerful tools that empowered them to leave a lasting impact in their B2B marketing endeavors. The refreshed collateral reinforced brand consistency and professionalism across various touchpoints, contributing to a more cohesive and impactful marketing strategy that resonated with their target audience.


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